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APS®/Skidding Heavy Lifting Jacking/Weighing MegaSteel HPU

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In many situations, a push pull unit is used for sliding the load. The advantage of this unit is, that the load is prevented in every position against uncontrolled movement of the load. Normally there is always one pair of PPU in use. Two are active during movement. During the retraction of the PPU one pair is always fixed to secure the load while the other one is retracting. In case of higher load to be 

moved, we can operate (if the APS- System is equipped accordingly) with 4 pairs of PPU. Instead of the PPU other equipment can be used (Winches, strand jacks, large Machines s.o.) If other equipment is used instead of the PPU it has to be guaranteed, that the load always can be fixed in every direction.  


Push-Pull-Unit is in start position. The clamps are active (fixed to the skidway).
Moving the Module (load) by extensioning of the long stroke jack.
Deactivation of the clamps and retraction of the long stroke jack. Afterwards the clamps will be activated again (start position).



 Module Total legth Stroke Height Capacity
 PPU-032 776 mm 1250 mm 287 mm 320 kN
 PPU-100 1560 mm 2000 mm 365 mm 1000 kN
 PPU-160 1560 mm 2000 mm 380 mm 1600 kN