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APS®/Skidding Heavy Lifting Jacking/Weighing MegaSteel HPU

APS-module | APS-Module (Air-Pad-Sliding System)

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Installation of the APS-Modules and connecting the hydraulic line and

compressed air duct. 

Lifting the load by extending the hydraulic jack. Normally the load is

raised for instance the half stroke (140 mm). 

After taking over the load by the hydraulic cylinders, the chambers of the support plate are filled with compressed air.

The modules are now ready for the displacement and can be shifted by

the Push-Pull-Unit or the strandjacks. 

The advantages of the APS-System:

  • Sliding friction resistance < 1%
  • Lifting and shifting with the same device
  • Moving of loads from 50 tons to over 100'000 tons (Modules can be combined optionally)
  • High displacement speed (up to 5m/min)
  • Possibility of direction change without changeover and turning of loads on the spot

Following equipment components belong to a regular set of APS

  • Load carrying module and support plate (APS M-250 and APS M-385)
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Compressed air supply devices
  • Push-Pull-Units or Strandjacks
  • Skidway
  • Temporary steel constructions of the APS-System



Module Dimension Stroke Capacity
M-250 1100x1100 mm 330 mm 2500 kN
M-385 1100x1100 mm 280/400 mm 3850 kN